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About the author:

Mary E. Maki grew up in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York where the first two Caitlyn Jamison mysteries are set. The third Caitlyn Jamison mystery is set in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay area, where Caitlyn’s parents have recently moved into an active adult community. An area that has many secrets. The next book, in progress, finds Caitlyn in the Adirondacks while Ethan works a case in Virginia. How will she manage without his help and vice versa?

The Virtual Rappahannock Writers Conference will be an all day event on November 7, 2020. Registation will be open on September 28. I will be giving a presentation on Scenes: The Essential Ingredient. Scenes are the foundation of every book, no matter what genre of prose, and are essential to moving the story along. Well crafted scenes will keep readers turning the pages, and then asking for more.


The Death of Cassie White, the third Caitlyn Jamison mystery,
is available on in trade paperback and Kindle versions. The book is now also available on Amazon in Large Print.

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An Unexpected Death was started in 2008 because I was frustrated with what was happening in our country - people losing their jobs, and losing their homes. Writing helps make sense of things, so I decided to write a story centering on greed and fraud.

Then I hit the dreaded middle and couldn’t make the story work. In the fall of 2014 I picked the story up again and challenged myself to finish.

And then the characters took over and developed an environmental themed plot line. The subplot was a little known mental health disease in which I wanted to educate readers.

When Caitlyn Jamison learns of her cousin’s murder, she’s determined to see justice served. She leaves her comfortable life in Washington, D.C. and travels to New York’s Finger Lakes region where she is faced with her estranged family and painful memories she had long since buried.

Fatal Dose Original for public

Fatal Dose is another character driven book dealing with something out of my comfort zone, but an issue the characters felt the public should know more about. Because I’m a genealogist, I wanted to include a genealogy subplot, and that is when the Verna Adams character took on a bigger role. It's amazing how the characters control the story.

Graphic artist Caitlyn Jamison is back in scenic Riverview, New York. She is working on a winery photo shoot-and hoping to reconnect with Sheriff Ethan Ewing. But the sheriff has a serious situation on his hands: an undercover agent posing as a professor disappears on the same morning a college student is found dead. When Caitlyn learns the missing man is her friend’s uncle, and against Sheriff Ewing’s wishes, she insists on helping with the investigation.


In “The Death of Cassie White,” Caitlyn is in Ingram Bay, Virginia, to interview with a potential client, one that is located in the same town where her parents have recently moved. When the interview ends, she learns that skeletal remains were discovered in conservation land adjacent to her parents’ home. Against all advice, she pursues the case.

More about the author:
Mary E. Maki is a member of Sisters in Crime, Fredericksburg’s Old Town Sleuths, and the Central Rappannock Regional Library's Fiction Critique Writing Group. My genealogy work has been published in Connecticut Ancestry, the Nutmegger (Connecticut Society of Genealogists), and on the Genealogy Club of Newtown (CT) website.

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